Guild Wars 2 30 Day Challenge

Day 01 - Your First Character.

Teeechnically this isn’t the first character I ever made. I was a part of the pre-order closed betas last April and I fooled around with who would be my main during live. 

And here she is, created for the 3 day headstart. This is Signe Grimsdottir (and the basis for this tumblr’s name), a Norn Ranger, and my first character to get to level 80. Which took a while to do as I’m not like one of those people who can manage to get to max level within a couple of months or less. 

Should I decide to start roleplaying, which I did in GW1 and will likely do in GW2 at some point, this girl is going to be my main RP character. Woot!

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